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Seven Months - Haft Mahegi - هفت ماهگی

Seven Months - Haft Mahegi - هفت ماهگی

Seven Months - Haft Mahegi - هفت ماهگی
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Captivating social drama. At seven months pregnant, Rana is worried she may lose her child after having multiple abortions previously. Her husband shows little sympathy for their situation. Worries of infidelity begin to creep across her mind as she feels isolated in her plight. A dreadful turn of events brings him out of his complacency and forces him to re-evaluate his life choices.

این فیلم داستان زنی به نام رعنا است که در ماه هفتم بارداری خود است وی که یک بار دچار سقط جنین شده به شوهر خود شک کرده که این باعث مشکلاتی در زندگی آنها می شود، رعنا با اصرار شوهرش مهرداد به خانه پدرش در مرزن آباد می رود اما در آنجا دچار حادثه می شود...


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