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Scorching Pines - Senobarhaye Soozan - صنوبرهای سوزان

Scorching Pines - Senobarhaye Soozan - صنوبرهای سوزان

Scorching Pines - Senobarhaye Soozan - صنوبرهای سوزان
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Seven families share a miserable existence in a dilapidated house. Despite their difficulties, they still manage to find happiness in a television set belonging to one of the inhabitants, Mohammad. However, disaster strikes when the TV goes missing. Desperate to restore joy to the household, Mohammad’s brother Masoor and the house’s owner, Haj Amoo, do their best to track the television down. A thought-provoking drama about what it means to be fulfilled.

The only television of an old house, where some tenants live, is stolen; thereby, two of the tenants get determined to find it however it is possible. At the initial stage of their investigation, they conclude that the thief is someone within themselves. Thus, they start interrogating everyone there. They all defend themselves and prove to be innocent. So who is the thief? The thief is the one about whom no one is suspicious!

تنها تلویزیون یک خانه قدیمی که تعدادی مستأجر در آن زندگی می کنند به سرقت میرود. دو تن از ساکنان خانه مصمم می شوند که به هر نحو ممکن تلویزیون را بیابند. در بررسی اولیه این نتیجه به دست می آید که رباینده تلویزیون خودی است لذا شروع به استنطاق از یکایک افراد خانه می نماید. همه از خود دفاع و رفع اتهام می کنند... پس دزدکیست؟ دزد کسی است که هیچیک به اوسوءظن ندارند!


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