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Raha - Rahaa - رها

Raha - Rahaa - رها

Raha - Rahaa - رها

Raha is an eight year old girl with a severe disability. Though she is receiving good care in a rehabilitation centre, her parents seldom visit her anymore, having separated some time ago. Raha suspects that she is the cause of their marital breakdown, and as she struggles with the difficulties of her day-to-day life, she grows increasingly depressed. When she attempts suicide one day, her life is saved by one of the nurses. As she is nursed back to health, Raha is sent upon a journey of self-reflection, one which leads to the realisation that there are some who care for her and that perhaps she should give life a chance after all.

درباره «رها» مهندس ناظر یک پروژه ملی در جزیره کیش است. در حساس‌ترین مرحله تحقیقات، هم‌زمان با تلاش گروهی برای به‌دست آوردن اطلاعات، کل اطلاعات ناپدید می‌شوند و این سرآغاز ماجرا برای «رها» است...