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Like A Butterfly - Parvanegi - پروانگی

Like A Butterfly - Parvanegi - پروانگی

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

Like A Butterfly - Parvanegi - پروانگی

Journalist Behrouz, inquisitive by nature, muses over a question he has long asked himself: 'Why do intellectuals from the East die in the West?' He embarks on a journey to Paris to decide for himself. Once there, he makes an attempt to connect with an old friend, Ala, only to receive an enormous shock. Behrouz resolves to get to the bottom of things, with the assistance of Parvaneh, Ala’s love. A brooding, intriguing mystery in a Parisian setting, this film contemplates life, love, and loss overseas.

پروانگی، داستان نویسنده ای است که برای دیدن دوستش به فرانسه می رود اما به محض ورود به پاریس متوجه می شود دوستش مرده و یک کتاب نیمه تمام دارد و تصمیم می گیرد کتاب او را کامل کند.

Baran is 19 years old and has 7 days to begin writing the novel she promised to complete in six months. A novel about the creation of human, from Adam and Eve till today…