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Pari - Pary - پری

Pari - Pary - پری

Pari - Pary - پری
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Pari is a student of literature at a university in Tehran. Strong-willed and capable, she nevertheless frequently displays outward aggression towards the people in her life, jeopardising her relationship with her tutor, her fiance, and her brother. Projecting her inner struggle onto others is, however, having a detrimental effect on Pari's mental health. On the verge of a nervous breakdown, Pari stumbles upon an old sufi book titled 'Solook', and with it resolves to change where her life is heading. Assisted by her brother, she sets about repairing the damage and discovering the person she is meant to be.

Pari, an excellent student of Persian literature and theater who possesses all the benefits of a young girl's life, goes through some intellectual and emotional changes by reading a small green book. The book tells the story of the progress of an anonymous mystic in the fifth century AH. After reading the book, calling for higher spiritual standards, Pari descends from her ordinary life. She starts wandering in the dangerous world of crave. The book belongs to his elder brother, Asad. Asad has died a while back in the fire incident of his hut. The other brother of Pari who opposes Asad's opinion, believes that there is no conflicts between the love for God and the ordinary life. He is trying to rescue Pari from the state of rage with which she is afflicted.

پری دانشجوی ممتاز رشته ادبیات و تئاتر که از همه مزایای زندگی یک دختر جوان برخوردار است، با خواندن کتاب سبز کوچکی دچار تحولات فکری و حسی میشود. کتاب سرگذشت سیر و سلوک عارف گمنامی در قرن پنجم هجری است.پری، پس از خواندن کتاب با آنکه خواهان مراتب معنوی بالاتری است، از زندگی معمولی دل کنده شده و در وادی دردناک طلب سرگردان می شود. کتاب به برادر بزرگش،اسد تعلق دارد.اسد چندی پیش در حادثه آتش سوزی کلبه اش درگذشته است.داداشی برادر دیگر پری که مخالف راه و رسم اسد است و عقیده دارد که میان عشق به خداوند و زندگی عادی تضادی نیست، میکوشد پری را از این حالت قهر و طغیان نجات دهد


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