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Golden Time - Golden Tim - گلدن تایم


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Golden Time - Golden Tim - گلدن تایم

Golden Time - Golden Tim - گلدن تایم

Twelve stories, one per month, from April to March.They all happen in the same location —inside a car— and at the golden time.The characters also go through similar situations:they are all hesitating to make an important decision for their lives, a moment that will mark the forever.​

Golden Time is a twelve-episode story, from January to December and all of them take place in a car and in the golden time.

گلدن تایم روایت دوازده اپیزود است که از فروردین تا اسفند نامگذاری شده‌اند و تمامی آن‌ها در اتومبیل و در لحظه‌ی گلدن تایم رخ می‌دهد.


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