Ghazal - Ghazaal - غزال


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Ghazal - Ghazaal - غزال

Ghazal - Ghazaal - غزال

Ma'soomeh is a woman who tries to write the story of her mother's life from her own prespective. But she faces some problems in her daily life which bring her to a paradox in writing the story. She finds out that her husband Khosro has some hidden relations with a widow. When she is writing the story of her mother, she goes to the time of the Kashf-e Hijab orber (a decree by the pro-Western king Reza Shah Pahlavi that banned all forms of clothing to be worn as Islamic hijab), and remembers that some men had proposed her. She finds out that one of them, Farhad, was the middleman when Khosro met the widow. In fact, he aimed to make Ma'soomeh divorced from her husband so he can reach her. Khosro does not accept her idea and disagrees with the divorce. Ma'soomeh goes into some troubles regarding the publication of her book.

معصومه كه نویسنده است قصد دارد با استفاده از خاطرات مادر خود قصه ای در مورد زمان جوانی مادر بنویسد. غزال مادر معصومه در مورد اتفاقاتی كه در زمان كشف حجاب برای او رخ داده برای دخترش می گوید.


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