Gabbeh - Gabeh - گبه
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Gabbeh - Gabeh - گبه

Gabbeh - Gabeh - گبه

On the banks of a stream, an old woman and her husband are washing their Gabbeh. From this carpet comes forth a beautiful young woman aptly named Gabbeh who shares her epic tale: she is desperately in love with a mysterious horseman who follows her clan from after. Though her father has agreed to let her marry the man, season after season, the horseman follows Gabbeh always present, always waiting, howling songs of love after nightfall. Delicately interlaced with this simple and touching love story are the people whose lives are shaped by the rhythms of nature, and who instinctively express the joys and sorrows of life through song, poetry, and the tales they tell in their brilliantly-hued weavings.

A Gabbeh (a kind of carpet) is to be washed by an old couple. When they open it, a girl bearing the same name appears from it. She tells them about his lover and how he is riding on a horse looking for her. Her marriage however, depends on his father's consent who has delayed it until her uncle's return from the town. His uncle is an old teacher fond of poetry. He arrives late and Gabbeh's mother has died, so she has to wait even more... But she is impatient and her uncle encourages her to escape which she does... The carpet now shows two lovers riding on a horse...

گبه ای برای شست و شو توسط زوج پیری گشوده می شود، دختر جوانی با نام «گبه» بر آن ظاهر می شود. گبه از عشق خود می گوید و عاشقش که سوار بر اسب به دنبال اوست، اما ازدواج با عاشق به وفای عهد پدر نیاز دارد که زمانش را موکول به بازگشت عمویش از شهر کرده است، عموی گبه معلم پیری که طبع شعر دارد و از زندگی در شهر خسته شده، دیر می رسد. مادر مرده است و گبه، باید باز در انتظار ازدواج بماند... اما صبر او به پایان رسیده و وقتی عمویش نیز به نوعی او را تشویق به فرار می کند و دختر چنین می کند... تصویر روی گبه، حالا دو عاشق را سوار بر اسبی نشان می دهد...