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The Death Carnival - Karnavale Marg - کارناوال مرگ

The Death Carnival - Karnavale Marg - کارناوال مرگ

Subtitles: English, Arabic, Turkish and +20 more languages

The Death Carnival - Karnavale Marg - کارناوال مرگ

When a genius inventor loses his pregnant wife due to the traffic caused by a street wedding, something snaps in his mind. Infuriated by the needless waste of his family's life, he starts putting his once brilliant intellect towards punishing those he believes responsible, eventually coming to target the very customs of his own country. A psychoanalytical crime drama that takes an in-depth look at matters of environmental sociology, 'Death Carnival' simmers with moody camerawork, strong performances and distinctive academic undertones. A fascinating piece of cinema.

Following a serial murder case in Tehran, Major Hosseini, an experienced police detective is assigned to solve it. After he starts his investigations, he finds several clues. Following several quarrels, he also finds out that the murderer must be someone rather sick and smart. He seems so determined to put an end to these murders and he must lead the way on his own.

در پی وقوع قتل های زنجیره ای با نشانه های های مشابه در تهران که در پس آن قاتل یا قاتلینی بی رحم قرار دارند، سرگرد حسینی کاراگاه مجرب اداره آگاهی مامور این پرونده می شود. در شروع تحقیقات سرنخ هایی به دست می آید که واکنش های مختلفی را موجب میشود. سرگرد حسینی در درگیری هایش به شواهدی میرسد که در پس آن قاتل روانی باهوشی است . او که مصمم به خاتمه این جنایات است چاره ای جر جسارت و تک روی ندارد...