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The Affair - Havoo - هوو

The Affair - Havoo - هوو

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

The Affair - Havoo - هوو

Landowner Ata stays at his uncle's in the countryside while on business. There, he meets childhood friend Maryam. The two form an instant bond. However, thanks to family meddling, the news soon reaches Sepideh, his wife. Before long rumors fly about Ata's infidelity. As the family bicker about how to handle the situation, Ata’s concern is for his young son. Gentle comedy peppers this bittersweet drama.

Atta who has inherited a lot of wealth from his landlord father, is constructing buildings with his wife, engineer Sepideh, but he is not happy with the situation Sepideh has made for him at home, so he meets Maryam to return to a traditional life style. Maryam is the niece of his steward. Atta who has loved Maryam before his marriage, in a new meeting reviews his memories and marries her to experience his favorite life style. But Maryam is a part of a plan by his uncle to reach the lands, so he fails in this marriage too. His last marriage is with Sepideh's friend who is trying to reach his flower garden. Atta has always brought his kid to her taking care of him. Now he is living a simple life in nature and it seems to be a good choice irrespective of greed and making money.

«عطا» که از پدر زمین دارش، ارث فراوانی به دست آورده است با همسرش مهندس سپیده، خانه سازی می کنند، امّا او از شرایطی که سپیده در خانه برای او ایجاد کرده راضی نیست و به هوای بازگشت به زندگی سنتی، با «مریم» خواهرزاده مباشرش روبرو می شود. عطا، که قبل از ازدواجش « مریم» را دوست داشته، در ملاقات تازه، تجدید خاطره کرده و در ازدواج با او، زندگی را که مورد علاقه اش بوده، تجربه می کند،... اما «مریم» نیز جزیی از نقشه ی دایی اش برای بدست آوردن گوشه ای از زمین های «عطا»ست، پس در این ازدواج نیز شکست می خورد...
آخرین ازدواج او با دوست سپیده است که باغ گل او را زیر نظر دارد و عطا همیشه فرزندش را برای مراقبت، به او می سپرده است... حالا ظاهراً زندگی ساده او و تماسش با طبیعت، فارغ از هرگونه مال اندوزی و حرص و طمع، چاره کارش است!