Biography - Biografi - بیوگرافی


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Biography - Biografi - بیوگرافی

Biography - Biografi - بیوگرافی

Rahele, 25 – girl – Iranian , has a trans brother who has permission to do an operation to change his sex, But They don’t have enough money . Saeed decide to leave Iran to have an easy life in a European Country. They have lost their mother and Raheleh , has just Saeed as family and doesn’t want to lose him,She decides to help Saeed. Rahele with her friend Ahmad, tries to gain money and keep Saeed in Iran but there are lots of difficulties.

The movie depicts the story of a day in people's life, who are trying to get rid of their old scares some where in the city; however, "Rahele"'s scare is different.

روايت يک روز از زندگي آدم‌هايي در گوشه‌اي از شهر، که براي رهايي از زخم‌هاي کهنه خود مي‌جنگند،: اما زخم راحله شبيه زخم ديگران نيست…» «بيوگرافي» اولين بار در بخش غير رقابتي هنروتجربه جشنواره سي و پنج فيلم فجر به نمايش درآمد.


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