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Avalanche - Bahman - بهمن

Avalanche - Bahman - بهمن

Avalanche - Bahman - بهمن
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Homa, an accomplished nurse working in a private hospital, has a recurrent dream that brings her a feeling of peace. When an unprecedented snowstorm strikes the area, she is forced to work a 10-day shift, and she finds herself having to care for the unpleasant elderly mother of the hospital's owner. Soon, both women feel increasingly hemmed in by the stagnant hospital, and as insomnia begins to take hold of Homa, she starts to spiral deep into depression. Striking snowscapes lend a haunting melancholy to this thought-provoking interaction between two women.

فیلم بهمن با بازی فاطمه معتمد آریا داستان زنی به نام هما از کارکشته ترین پرستاران بیمارستان است كه پیشنهاد شب کاری ده روزه ای را قبول میکند. هما که دچار بی خوابی است، بحران های متعدد کاری و درون خانوادگی او را تا سر حد فروپاشی میبرد و...


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