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A Persian Melody - Jameh Daran - جامه دران

A Persian Melody - Jameh Daran - جامه دران

A Persian Melody - Jameh Daran - جامه دران
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A Persian Melody - Jameh Daran - جامه دران

Whilst at her father's funeral, Shirin notices a man that looks eerily like her late father. Naturally this raises questions. Shirin’s uncle is initially hesitant to divulge information about the man, but eventually admits he is her illegitimate brother. Shirin’s mother, seeing the effect of this news, decides to unveil the family’s well-hidden secret surrounding the brother and Shirin’s own origins. As director Hamidreza Ghotbi’s debut feature film received three nominations from the Fajr Film Festival, it is hailed as a one of the seminal screenplay adaptations in the Iranian film industry to date.

داستان فیلم سه اپیزودی «جامه دران»، دربارهٔ زنی به نام شیرین است که در مراسم ختم پدرش به روابط جدیدی در زندگی او پی می برد و حقایقی تازه را کشف می کند...


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