Mahmoud Behrouzian
محمود بهروزیان

Mahmoud Behrouzian (محمود بهروزیان)
  • Actor
Mahmoud Behrouzian is an Iranian actor who studied Theatre Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Tehran. Though his early professional career began in theatre, Behrouzian has also played in a large number of films such as A Minor Leap Down (2015), Jamehdaran (2014), Taboo (2014), Jumping From Low Hight (2014), The Sun Over The Roof (2013), Parviz (2013), Portrait of Leily (2011), Masoumi (2011), Childhood Times (1984), Death of Yazdgerd (1981). Since Mahmoud Behrouzian returned to Iran in 2011, af ...ter 27 years of living in the US, he also played in several Iranian TV series, such as Jalaledin (2012), Raah e Toolani (2011), Shab e Raghaeb (2011).