Afsaneh Bayegan
افسانه بایگان

Afsaneh Bayegan (افسانه بایگان)
  • Actor
  • Costume Designer
  • Set Designer
Born January 02, 1961
Afsaneh Bayegan (افسانه بایگان) was born in 1961 in Tehran and is an actress. Her artistic career started with the short film "Boogh" by Ali Alinejad (1972). Afsaneh Bayegan of the archivist in front of the camera in 1351 with the short film "beep" working "Alizadeh" experience. His career in 1363 starring in the popular TV series"Sarbedaran" began. A year after her first film role in the movie "lost" directed by M. Sabbaghzadeh acquired in 1364 and is one of the most prolific actre ...sses of Iranian cinema in the sixties became.
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