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2023 |18 Episodes | Portrait , Arts & Literature
Houshang Moradi Kermani, renowned story writer, screenwriter, and playwright, offers a comprehensive course on story writing in 'Safheye No'. Drawing from his vast experience, Moradi Kermani covers various aspects of storytelling, including the distinction ... between story and narrative, the significance of folk literature, the role of imagination and creativity, story structure, word placement, the art of beginnings and endings, creating suspense and tension, dialogue and monologue, editing, cover design and illustration, humour in storytelling, the interplay between cinema and literature, the impact of the audience, the balance between local and universal themes, and the path to becoming a successful writer. Through his engaging lessons, Moradi Kermani imparts invaluable insights and practical advice to aspiring writers, making this course a valuable resource for anyone interested in the art of storytelling.
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