Yousef Javid
یوسف جاوید

Yousef Javid (یوسف جاوید)
  • Actor
Yousef Javid has been a Actor in some movies:
Coal is about that Ghairat is engaged in charcoal making in one of the border villages of Azerbaijan. His son Yashar, who is in prison for stealing gold, comes on leave for his sister's wedding. But the sudden disappearance of Yashar makes Ghairat face a new challenge. In this film Yousef Javid collaborates with Mohammad Reza Jahanpanah, ... Esmaeel Monsef, Hassan Shabankareh, Zhila Shahi, Mehdi Naderi, Saeed Assadi, Hadi Eftekharzadeh, Farid Adhami, Yousef Yazdani, Tooran Ghorbani, Yasaman Khalkhali, Mehdi Semsari
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