Shahin Poor Dadashi
شاهین پور داداشی

Shahin Poor Dadashi (شاهین پور داداشی)
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Shahin Poor Dadashi has been a Sound in some movies:
Simulation is about that Three young people are looking for a place in their hometown to spend the weekend. Finally, they agree to spend the weekend in the house of an old man who they barely know and do not have a very tight and close relation with. The old man welcomes them. This party will lead to a tragic catastrophe for all of them… In this film Shahin Poor Dadashi collaborates with Hossein Jafarian, ... Hayedeh Safiyari, Hamid Khozooei Abyaneh, Hassan Jafari, Ehsan Ronasi, Abed Abest, Javad Pouladi, Bamdad Afshar‌, Shahrzad Seifi, Maryam Shafiei, Asghar Piran, Vahid Rad, Danial Khojasteh, Javad Pourheidari, Alireza Saveh Doroudi, Iman Basim, Hananeh Shahrokhi, Nasim Maleki, Majid Yusefi
Scenes of a Separation. In this film Shahin Poor Dadashi collaborates with Vahid Sedaghat, Mohammad Reza Delpak, Nima Oraki, Tahmineh Monzavi
Moft Abad is about that Five young men have no choice but to be housemates. One is as addict trying to be sober. One is mute. One has to study for uni so he doesn’t fail again. One has lost a house to an estate agent and the other is Rasoul the home owner who’s the most laidback person having come to Tehran to look for a job. The news of Rasoul’s wife coming to Tehran causes a turn of events in the lives of these five men… In this film Shahin Poor Dadashi collaborates with Borzoo Arjmand, Sajjad Afsharian, Ehsan Bayatfar, Rouzbeh Kalbasi, Donya Madani, Pejman Teymourtash, Hanif Sarvari, Sam Soleymani
Just an Hour Ago is about that A woman has changed her mind about her relationship, just an hour ago. In this film Shahin Poor Dadashi collaborates with Negar Javaherian, Shahab Hosseini, Hossein Mafi, Sina Azin, Arash Yaghubi
Lady Ghods of Iran is about that The film is a narration of the life of Lady Khadijeh Saghafi, a distinguished aristocrat who, despite his childhood and adolescence experience, lived sixty years of life with a stormy man, and, to this end, accompanied him, called Ruhollah Khomeini. In this film Shahin Poor Dadashi collaborates with Saba Nedaei, Reza Teymouri, Mostafa Razagh Karimi, Mohammad Pourfar, Mohammadreza Karimirad
Iranian Pets Club is about that This documentary deals with the interest of the Iranian community in challenging and keeping wild Animals in the cities. In this film Shahin Poor Dadashi collaborates with Mehrshad Malakooti, Reza Teymouri, Babak Bahram Beigi, Hadi Afarideh, Hamidreza Afarideh, Roshanak Ahrabi
Scenes of a Detective's Life is about that On one of the fateful autumn days, a suspicious letter reaches the hands of a young boy who is interested in detective movies. By reading the letter, he becomes involved in a detective story. But there are obstacles to becoming a real private detective. In this film Shahin Poor Dadashi collaborates with Hessam Noorani, Saeed Mozaffari, Alireza Rasouli Nejad, Behzad Mousavi, Negar Tajer, Niloufar Niksar, Shahin Bazil, Dana Jafari, Pourya Jahashad, Arash Lotfi, Hafez Rohani, Mehdi Javaheri Zadeh, Hamid Reza Sadr
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Trying to get Pregnant
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