Nader Kajouri
نادر کجوری

Nader Kajouri (نادر کجوری)
  • Director
  • Writer
Nader Kajouri has been a Director in some movies:
Nima Yushij is about that This is the story of a lifetime quest. The long and suffering search of Nima Youshij so as to find the "myth"; that is, the poet's ethereal and spiritual lover which is always present in his subconscious. For him, it is the source of love, passion, poetry, and even the social struggles. Throughout his research, Nima more or less discovers his dreams in Aaliyeh. He falls in love with her and Aaliyeh tries to regard his dream over the years. That is why when Nima intends to travel to his birthplace and visit his love, she does not oppose. However, Nima is spending the last days of his life, and this is going to be their last meeting. In this film Nader Kajouri collaborates with Mohammad Kasebi, ... Atash Taghipour, Fatemeh Goudarzi, Alireza Oosivand, Behzad Ali Abadiyan, Pirouz Arjmand, Esmaeel Mehrabi, Felor Nazari, Parvin Meykadeh, Babak Shoaei, Shahram Ghadiri, Hamid Reza Ghiasi, Hossein Ahmadi, Ali Maham
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