Mehri Samadzade
مهری صمدزاده

Mehri Samadzade (مهری صمدزاده)
  • Actor
Mehri Samadzade has been a Actor in some movies:
Mistake is about that In order to make her beloved man Nader notice her, Haydeh tries to provoke jealousy by getting close to another man. Nader also completes Haydeh's mistakes and starts an unsuccessful marriage as a revenge. A marriage that ends with the murder of his unfaithful wife. In this film Mehri Samadzade collaborates with Mahin Deyhim, ... Mohammad Reza Zandi, Hayedeh, Amir Ghasemi, Mansour Mobini, Kowkab Tahmasbi, Farshid Bozorg Nia, Ahmad Ahmadian, Gholam Shahpar, Mehrdad Deyhim
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