Majid (مجید)
  • Actor
  • Music
Majid has been a Music in some movies:
The Man Who Suffers is about that A young man is accused of embezzlement by staging his boss and goes to prison, but he is soon acquitted and released, while his family's situation is disturbed, he lost his job, his fiance left him and his mother is ill. He is left without a doctor or medicine. The young man goes everywhere to find a job, but returns disappointed. The severe financial crisis causes him to go to his former boss and when he faces his humiliation and violence, he commits the murder of his boss in the height of anger and ignorance, and when he reaches his mother's bedside with medicine, she also dies. Is. The young man no longer has any hope to continue his life. In this film Majid collaborates with Ahmad Ghadakchian, ... Iran Daftari, Irene Zazians, Mohammad Ali Jafari, Azizollah Rafii, Parkhideh, Ali Tabesh, Tajolmolook Ahmadi, Iraj Golsorkhi, Minoo, Elahe, Mohammad Khajaviha
Majid has been a Actor in some movies:
The Word of Truth is about that After twenty-five years in prison, Nasrollah decides to leave robbery and villainy but he fails and goes stealing again. One night, when he is trying to escape from police forces, he enters the house of a clergyman. The words of the clergyman influence him and he begins an honorable life. In this film Majid collaborates with Reza Beyk Imanverdi, Asghar Bichareh, Jalal Pishvaeeyan, Karim Chehel O'Yek, Jamshid Farahi, Abbas Mokhtari, Zabihollah Zabih-Poor, Ali Sabet, Hassan Mohamadi, Maliheh Nasiri, Hassan Mosayebi, Mohsen Vaziri‌, Ahmad Najibzadeh, Nezam Fatemi, Mehdi Mosayebi, Azam Mirhosseini, Javad Taghadosi, Hossein Gholi Bidgoli
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