Jalal Mirzapour
جلال میرزاپور

Jalal Mirzapour (جلال میرزاپور)
  • Actor
Jalal Mirzapour has been a Actor in some movies:
Sohrab to Sohrab is about that Being accused of addiction and drug trafficking, a youngster, named Sohrab, is arrested and imprisoned. The physician working in the prison is doing some research on the issue of addiction. As a research participant, he chooses Sohrab and decides to provide him with some treatment. However, Sohrab is reluctant to collaborate. Sohrab is greatly affected by an old man’s temptations who is accused of drug trafficking as well. Finally, Sohrab decides to collaborate with the physician and to take part in a wrestling match between the penal institutions. Thereafter, the old man seeks to make use of the opportunity which is provided for Sohrab. He asks Sohrab to take his chance and import drugs into the prison. Yet, Sohrab is doubtful. Once, when he is taken out of the prison to participate in a competition, the old man finds out that Sohrab is his own son, whom he has abandoned along with his mother many years ago… In this film Jalal Mirzapour collaborates with Iraj Rad, ... Reza Karam Rezaie, Hadi Eslami, Abbas Sheikh Babaei, Mehdi Shakiba, Esmaeel Amid, Ahmad Biglarian, Abbas Nafari, Ebrahim Nochi, Zohreh Pahlavani, Iraj Ranjbar, Manouchehr Sadafi, Hamid Shojaa, Abbas Nochi, Jahansouz Fooladi
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