Hamid Tajdousti
حمید تاج دوستی

Hamid Tajdousti (حمید تاج دوستی)
  • Actor
Hamid Tajdousti has been a Actor in some movies:
The Dome of Light is about that During the Islamic revolution of Iran, a group of young guys start giving away some leaflets to the people. The SAVAK forces identify and chase them. As they all run away, one of them hides in a mosque and after he reaches the dome of the mosque, he starts distributing the leaflets to the people inside the mosque. In this film Hamid Tajdousti collaborates with Jafar Dehghan, ... Behzad Behzadpoor, Mohammadtaghi Paksima, Majid Entezami, Mohsen Roshan, Ahmad Salehi, Naser Forough, Naser Hashemi, Farid Koshan Fallah, Abbas Heidari, Ali Shirazi, Nasrollah Zare Teimouri, Jamal Tabatabaei
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