Davoud Ashrafi
داود اشرفی

Davoud Ashrafi (داود اشرفی)
  • Director
  • Editor
  • Cinematographer
  • Writer
Davoud Ashrafi is an animator born in Tabriz, Iran. Ashrafi studied Computer Software Engineering at Tabriz Azad University as well as Python Programming. He is the founder and co-owner of Azar Animation Studio (2007 - 2009) for which he developed character managing tools. His most recognised work is the short film 'Bulb City' that earned him three awards at the Tabriz AnimaFest in 2007 and an award at the 3rd Rouyesh short film festival in 2008. Davoud Ashrafi has been a Cinematographer in some TV Shows:
Kelileh & Demneh ...is about that Khotan and Khomar, two young deer, sell Dasht-e Naz in the hope of a better life in their homeland and buy a small apartment in Kelileh and Demneh town. In this film Davoud Ashrafi collaborates with Amir Hossein Seddigh, Leili Rashidi, Jaleh Sameti, Masoud Keramati, Kourosh Narimani, Maryam Saadat, Fariba Jedikar, Farzad Hassani, Bahram Dehghanyar, Marzieh Boroomand, Mohammad Asgari, Amir Esbati, Nader Borhani Marand, Bahador Maleki, Azin Raouf, Nazi Khatami, Seyed Mostafa Ahmadi, Sohrab Shah Mohammadloo
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