Bahram Siyar
بهرام سیر

Bahram Siyar (بهرام سیر)
  • Actor
Bahram Siyar has been a Actor in some movies:
Passion of Love is about that Not long after Golnar's marriage with Homayun, it was reported that her hasband died in a car accident. Golnar is displaced, but soon he finds a new target through "Engineer Rauf". She raises her daughter Homa under the supervision of engineer Rauf, the new man in her life. Years later, when Homa is going to marry a young man named "Bahram", Homayoun, who is still alive, appears, and after some hesitation, Golnar finally goes to him. In this film Bahram Siyar collaborates with Habibollah Morad, ... Esmaeel Koushan, Siamak Yasemi, Booris Matiov, Simin, Hossein Daneshvar, Alexander Bijanian, Masoomeh Khakyar, Mehdi Shaban, Masoud Sherafat
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