Arash Seifi
آرش سیفی

Arash Seifi (آرش سیفی)
  • Cinematographer
Arash Seifi has been a Cinematographer in some movies:
Zaar is about that A young couple is unknowingly spending their honey moon in a villa with a history of paranormal activities in a remote area out of town. They invite some of their friends to enjoy the festivities with them. While there, the group experiences bizarre paranormal behavior. In this film Arash Seifi collaborates with Mohammad Reza Ghaffari, ... Mohsen Darsanj, Mohammad Shahverdi, Babak Mirzakhani, Shahin Yarmohammadi, Misagh Zare, Amir Pourkian, Hadis Miramini, Sina Mehrad, Nima Farahi, Naeem Farahi, Mohammad Reza Touski, Samaneh Kavandi, Sanaz Safayi, Nisa Naderi
Saholan is about that The story of the movie "Saholan" is about the life of a young girl named Tania. Due to the superstitions and beliefs of her family, Tania is forced to marry a man with a big age difference. This forced marriage causes her romantic relationship with a young man named Riboar to be in trouble. Riboar is in love with Tania and opposes the terms of her forced marriage. On the other hand, due to family customs and beliefs, Riboar is also forced to marry a woman who has two children and is more than 12 years older than him. In this film Arash Seifi collaborates with Amin Tarokh, Soraya Ghasemi, Ali Akbar Mahloujian, Aliram Nooraei, Hadi Ramezanpoor
Rahil is about that It tells the story of a young girl named Raheel, who after finding old documents; He realizes the facts in his past life, which leads to a 25-year silence. These bitter truths change Rachel's life and make her face a big challenge. In this film Arash Seifi collaborates with Khosrow Shahraz, Babak Noori, Shiva Khosromehr, Rahim Noroozi, Siavash Kordjan, Ramin Abolsedgh, Jafar Mohammadshahi, Mohammad Alizadeh Fard
Winners is about that It is the story of the life of Yahya and his friend who love cinema. They find a precious statue that belongs to one of the famous directors, in order to find the original owner of the statue, things happen that… In this film Arash Seifi collaborates with Reza Naji, Mahmoud Jafari, Hamid Bashe Ahangar, Hossein Abedini, Jafar Alian, Shahrzad Kamal Zadeh, Mirtaher Mazloumi, Asghar Semsarzade, Mohsen Mosaferchi, Ezzatollah Ramezanifar, Hassan Nazer, Mohammad Saeed Shayan, Mohammad Zoghi, Mohammad Mohammadii
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