Alireza Aghili
علیرضا عقیلی

Alireza Aghili (علیرضا عقیلی)
  • Cinematographer
Alireza Aghili has been a Cinematographer in some movies:
Viva Death is about that A medical student decides to experience temporary death after watching a movie. Since he needs the help of his friends to do this, he tries to persuade them to do this experiment as well. At first, his friends don't believe in the safety of this process, but after they try it on a volunteer and get the answer, they get the courage to try it themselves. Finally, in one of these temporary deaths, one of them does not come back to life, they leave the body and go, now the head of a workshop is revealed to the story, which must be revealed from this strange mystery. In this film Alireza Aghili collaborates with Marjan Shirmohammadi, ... Behrooz Afkhami, Khayam Vaghar, Mehdi Kaseh Saz, Keyvan Honarmand, Amir Shirmohammadi, Farhad Heydari, Mehrdad Hashemi, Ali Shirmohammadi, Sam Kaboodvand
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