Abolfazl Mohammadi
ابوالفضل محمدی

Abolfazl Mohammadi (ابوالفضل محمدی)
  • Actor
Abolfazl Mohammadi has been a Actor in some movies:
A Mansion in the Mist is about that The manager of a psychiatric hospital invites a young doctor to do research on a certain type of mental patient. As soon as the young doctor is in that complex, he notices unusual and complicated incidents among the patients and staff of the hospice, in such a way that he feels that the reason for his invitation was not medical issues, he finds himself exposed to the danger of his life and complex puzzles in the hospice and finally He realizes that... In this film Abolfazl Mohammadi collaborates with Ardalan Shoja Kaveh, ... Masoud Hosseini, Ramin Fathi, Mohammad Ali Soleiman Tash, Sajjad MirSeyed
The 23 is about that The story of 23 teenager warriors who were held captive by Iraqi army... In this film Abolfazl Mohammadi collaborates with Mojtaba Faravardeh, Mehdi Jafari, Bahman Ardalan, Aria Aziminejad, Abbas Abbasi, Sara Samiei, Majid Potki, Kamyab Amin Ashayeri, Meysam Molaee, Morteza Gheidi, Mohammad Badrloo, Alireza Sheikh Hosseini, Mohammad Sardoei, Hamid Taghizadeh, Mansour Mahmoudabadi, Abbas Pour Khosravani, seyyed Abbas Saadat, Yahya Dadi Nasab - Gheshmi, Hassan Mostashragh, Ahmad Ali Hosseini, Mohammad Babakhani, Yahya Kasaei Najafi, Reza Emam Gholizade, Hamid Reza Mostaghimi, Hossein Ghazizadeh, Majid Zeighami Nezhad, Javad Khajavi, Mahmoud Raayat Nezhad, Seyyed Ali Noureddini, Hossein Behzadi, Salman Zadkhosh, Ahmad Yousef Zadeh Molaei, Abdolhalim Taghaboli, Reza Nouri, Mohamad Rashno
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