Mahmoud Ghavami
محمود قوامی

Mahmoud Ghavami (محمود قوامی)
  • Producer
Mahmoud Ghavami has been a Producer in some movies:
Chevaliers and Imposters is about that Mirveys usually introduces himself a merchant and sometimes a chevalier, but he is actually an imposter. A chevalier named Nader is after him. Once, Nader steals the money that Mirveys has stolen to give it back to its owners. However, the sheriff catches them both. Nader picks the gold and escapes from the sheriff’s jail. His goal is to bring the money back and he succeeds in doing so. In this film Mahmoud Ghavami collaborates with Arsh Poor Zarei, ... Mostafa Tari, Farhad Mohabbat, Hassan Zahedi, Mahmood Mashroote, Safar Abdoli, Ghasem Pakroo, Gholamreza Amiri, Hossein Maloumi, Zohreh Amiri, Nahid Zafar, Mehdi Shakiba, Amir Norouzi, Davood Heydari, Mehran Rouhani, Mehdi Nourbakhsh, Ali Aghajani, Bahram Pournaseh, Saeed Naderi, Hassan Boloor, Anush Norouzi, Abbas Shahshahani, Mahmood Moghadam, Mostafa Banihashemi, ostam Gholami, Nasrollah Sohrabi, Hossein Noroozi
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