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Raya Nasiri ( رایا نصیری )


Raya Nasiri ( رایا نصیری )

Director | Producer | Actor | Writer | Editor

Born in Tehran, Iran

Raya Nasiri ( رایا نصیری ) born on 6 June 1971 in Tehran. She is an actress and an Iranian filmmaker and the former member of Young Cineastes House, She is graduated from Tehran Filmmaking Institute in Cinema Directing. She has completed acting and photography courses; she also has played in several movies and television series, worked as a director assistant and planning manager in numerous movie projects. She has written, directed and edited several short films including: Fight Thou Earthly One, Metallic-volume. Her short film Fight Thou Earthly One has been presented in many domestic and international festivals and has received Read More.. Best film award in International Baran Festival and it was the selected film by the board of the jury Raya has directed two long social Documentaries: One Moment- My daughter, Baran ,Farnaz. One moment one of her documentaries won the Best Social Documentary Prize at the Cinema Verite (Iran International Documentary Film Festival). She is currently pre-producing her first long film project.


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Raya Nasiri ( رایا نصیری )