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Naser Saffarian (ناصر صفاريان)


Naser Saffarian (ناصر صفاريان)

Director | Producer | Editor | Cinematographer | Writer

Born: July 9th 1975 in Tehran

Nasser Saffarian ( ناصر صفاريان ) was born in Tehran on July 9, 1975 A graduate of English Literature writing on cinema: since 1991 and has collaborated with a number of Film periodicals and newspapers : Film monthly, Adineh, Salam, Mehr, Cinemaye no, Gozareshe film, Donyaye tasvir &.. He has written two books; "The poet who is not like as his poems" and "The Chants of Sigh" and directed more than 10 movies : I'm Just A Poet, Officer!- 2014/ 2015 The Night Of Infatuation- 2008/ 2015 Crossed-Out Memories- 2008/ 2015 Care For Me, Lady!- 2003/ 2010 Her Memory Framed- 2009 Freedom In The Fog- 2007 A Good Time For Tra Read More.. gedy- 2003/ 2006 Auto Stop- 2005 The Song Of Sunshine- 2003 Summit Of The Wave- 2000/ 2004 The Mirror Of The Soul- 2000/ 2002 The Green Cold- 2000/ 2002


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Naser Saffarian (ناصر صفاريان)