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Masoud Keramati (مسعود کرامتی)


Masoud Keramati (مسعود کرامتی)

Director | Producer | Editor | Actor | Writer

Born: July 31st 1956 in Tehran, Iran

Keramati, Masoud (born July 31, 1956, Tehran) Masoud Keramati is an Iranian actor, director and producer who studied Dramatic Arts at Tehran University. He started out as puppeteer in ‘City of Mice’ (1985). Then he took roles in several movies, including ‘Majnoon’ (1990), ‘The Refugee’ (1993), ‘A Trip to Chazabeh’ (1995), ‘Kandelous Gardens’ (2004), ‘Hell, Purgatory, Heaven’ (2008), ‘My Little Song’ (2009), and ‘Bulletproof’ (2011). Keramati has also directed some series and movies such as ‘Patal and Small Wishes’ (1989), ‘Report Card Day’ (2002), and ‘My Little Song’ (2009).


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Masoud Keramati (مسعود کرامتی)