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Khashayar Rad (خشایار راد)


Khashayar Rad (خشایار راد)


Born: September 27th 1951 in Tehran, Iran

Rad, Khashayar (born September 27, 1951, Tehran) Khashayar Rad is a cinema and television actor who has a high school diploma. He made his television debut with ‘Eternal Train’ (1999). Rad has appeared in several series, including ‘Aqaqiya Alley’ (2003), ‘Homeless’ (2004), ‘The Suspect Got Away’ (2005), ‘Sweet and Sour’ (2006), ‘Stepmother’ (2010), ‘What Goes Around, Comes Around’ (2012), and ‘Cops and Robbers’ (2012). He has also acted in movies, such as ‘Girls' Dormitory’ (2004), ‘The President's Cell Phone’ (2011), ‘Mom! Behrouz Hit Me’ (2011) and ‘Buried Treasure’ (2012).


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Khashayar Rad (خشایار راد)


Khashayar Rad (خشایار راد)


Actor (26 credits)
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