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Under the Moonlight - Zire Noore Mah - زیر نور ماه

Under the Moonlight - Zire Noore Mah - زیر نور ماه

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Indonesian and +20 more languages

Under the Moonlight - Zire Noore Mah - زیر نور ماه

Seyyed Hassan, a young seminary student, is preparing to don the clerical attire. But while his fellow students excitedly prepare for graduation, Seyyed finds his doubts and uncertainties start to bubble to the surface. When his formal clothes are stolen by a small boy before the ceremony, Seyyed heads out into town to find the culprit and reclaim his property. As he learns about the people in his community, their plights and their poverties, he inadvertently starts down the path he was always meant for - becoming the missionary who will help deliver these people from their everyday struggles and grant them the hope and salvation needed to reform their lives.

Seyyed Hassan Ahmadi is a theological seminary student who’s on the verge of getting his cleric cloak. In the theological seminary where he studies, everyone’s preparing for this event. In the middle of buying his special clothes, a teenager named Jouje steals his stuff, supposing they’re expensive. To find the boy, Seyyed Hassan goes to some part of the city and meets some people he’s never seen before and has never experienced communicating them and he has no idea of their desires and pains. He finds a new perception of society and people there and that creates some doubts in wearing his cloak but he eventually overcomes his doubts and after the ceremony, he immediately goes to see Jouje in the reformatory.

سید حسن احمدی طلبه جوان روستایی، در شرف پوشیدن لباس روحانی است. در حوزه ای که او درس میخواند همه خود را آماده این مراسم می کنند. در شرایطی که او مشغول تهیه لباس ویژه خود است، پسرکی نوجوان به نام جوجه وسايلش را که به زعم او ممکن است حاوی اجناس گران قیمت باشد، می دزد. سید حسن برای یافتن نشانی از پسرک، راهی مکانی در حاشیه شهر شده و با مردمانی روبرو می شود که تاکنون آنها را ندیده و ارتباط با آنها را تجربه نکرده است و آرمانها و آلام ایشان را نمی شناسد.در این وادی، سید حسن به درک تازه ای از جامعه و انسان ها میرسد و این، تردیدهایی را در وی، در پوشیدن لباس روحانیت، موجب میشود که سرانجام بر آن فائق آمده و بعد از مراسم، در اولین حرکت به دیدار جوجه و در دارالتأدیب میرود ۰۰۰