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White Sneakers - Katooni Sefid - کتونی سفید

White Sneakers - Katooni Sefid - کتونی سفید

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

White Sneakers - Katooni Sefid - کتونی سفید

Kind-hearted school teacher Amiri has just started at the prestigious Saadat Academy, and he sets out to train the school's football team. All is well until he is taken prisoner by a rival team. He has to escape in order to be with the children, but has an accident that deletes his memory along the way. The task at hand is to regain his memory in order to lead his team to victory. A touching look at a teacher's dedication to his students.

Payam Amiri, a young, energetic and sympathetic teacher, travels to Bushehr to reintegrate the Physical Education curriculum in an old and majestic school called Sa’adat. He manages to heighten the children’s spirits and improve their sense of community. Later on, Amiri meets a young girl named Zivar who is a teacher in a sanatorium and he feels that she is the one. He also gets curious about one of his students named Masho, who helps the smugglers transfer their materials from their boats to the coast in order to help his family. He tries to intervene but gets involved with the smugglers and loses his sanity. During the preparation for the final soccer match, Zivar helps him regain his mental health.

«پیام امیری» معلم جوان پرتلاش، جدی و مهربان و دلسوز، برای سر و سامان دادن ورزش مدرسه ی بزرگ و قدیمی «سعادت» وارد بوشهر می شود و به زودی روحیه ی بچه های شهر را در جهت خودباوری و اعتماد به نفس جمعی، شکل می دهد. «امیری» با آشنایی با دختر جوانی به نام «زیور» که معلم آسایشگاه معلولان ذهنی است به این باور می رسد که آینده ی او در حال شکل گرفتن است در این حال کنجکاو وضعیت یکی از شاگردانش به نام «ماشو» می شود که برای کمک به خانواده اش، به قاچاقچیان در انتقال اجناس از قایق ها به ساحل کمک می کند، پیگیری هایش سبب می شود تا گرفتار قاچاقچیان شده و بعد طی حادثه ای نیز قوای هوشی اش را از دست بدهد. اما با کمک «زیور» در جریان فینال فوتبال آموزشگاه های بندر که یک سویش شاگردان «امیری» از مدرسه ی «سعادت» هستند او بار دیگر سلامت خود را باز می یابد.