Chartered to Azadi - Darbast Azadi - دربست آزادی


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Chartered to Azadi - Darbast Azadi - دربست آزادی

Chartered to Azadi - Darbast Azadi - دربست آزادی

Sohrab and Bijan are two penniless friends who live in an old, abandoned cinema. One morning they decide to seek out Qader, a man who owes them a lot of money, but Bijan is severely wounded in a fight with Qader's men. Desperate and distraught, Sohrab brings Bijan back to the cinema, where it seems the two of them might have finally reached the end of the line. As Sohrab ponders his next move, Mehrshad Karkhani's film develops into a study of despondency and dependence, of friendship and of two men trying to break free.

دو جوان در یک سینمای قدیمی و تعطیل شده زندگی می کنند. آنها یک روز تصمیم می گیرند برای گرفتن طلبشان در شهر راهی شوند.

One day, two youngsters decide to go to the city and get back the money they are owed.


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