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The Wind Rider - Baad Savar - باد سوار


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The Wind Rider - Baad Savar - باد سوار

The Wind Rider - Baad Savar - باد سوار

When Danial enters a jungle to find his mother, he finds out from the dwarf villagers that she gets captivated by Sultan Salaman to play Harp for his sick child. Sultan Salaman's condition for the mother to be released, is that Danial should find the Sandoos fruit from heaven. He begins a difficult journey along with his sister, but the devil interferes many times; but some people help him to cross the sea, while he has become the captain of the ship ...

Yahya, a young warrior, comes to the city unannounced for a few days to rest and is placed in a special situation and is uncertain whether to stay in the city or go back.


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