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The Wall - Divar - دیوار

The Wall - Divar - دیوار

The Wall - Divar - دیوار
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For the young and fearless Setareh, there are no walls or boundaries she cannot overcome. Determined to provide for her family, Setareh takes a job as a bike rider in a theme park, following the tracks of her late father. When she becomes the first female to ride around 'The Wall', a wooden cylinder-shaped structure, the authorities intervene to prevent her from taking her rightful place on the wall of fame. With the successful show on the verge of being cancelled, Setareh struggles for her voice to be heard. An adventurous philosophical debate into gender equality.

مردی که با موتور حرکت های آکروباتیک انجام می دهد در حادثه ای کشته می شود. دو فرزند او ستاره و شهاب تصمیم می گیرند تا راه وی را در دیوار مرگ ادامه دهند...

A family man who works on his motorcycle moving and rotating in a cylindrical chamber known as the "Death Wall", has a poor life. He dies through an accident and his family lose their only breadwinner. After that, his wife and two children are in a difficult situation. Setareh, his daughter, and his son decide to continue his work in order to make for their living. It is clear that going after their father's way is not so easy and safe, but Setareh and her brother are determined to learn riding a motorcycle and they convince the person in charge that they are able to face the problems of this job. Setareh eventually succeeds in her decision.

پدر که شغلش حرکت و چرخش در داخلی استوانه ای موسوم به «دیوار مرگ» با موتورسیکلت است، زندگی ساده و فقیرانه ای دارد اما یک حادثه سبب مرگ او که تنها نان آور خانواده است، می شود... از آن پس بازماندگانش، همسر و دو فرزند در شرایطی بسیار سخت تر از گذشته قرار گرفته و خانواده در حال تلاشی است که «ستاره» دختر خانواده با برادر کوچکترش تصمیم می گیرند تا با ادامه ی راه پدر، زندگی شان را روی پا نگه دارند در حالی که آشکار است که اداره ی این راه برای آنها آسان و بدون مخاطره نیست، امّا «ستاره» و برادرش با جدیت کار موتورسیکلت را آموخته و مسئول مربوطه را متقاعد می کنند که قادرند با مشکلات آشکار و پنهان این کار روبرو شوند و سرانجام «ستاره» در کارش موفق می شود...


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