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The Survivor - Bazmandeh - بازمانده

The Survivor - Bazmandeh - بازمانده

The Survivor - Bazmandeh - بازمانده

Based on Ghassan Kanafani's novel, 'Returning to Haifa,' this film, set in 1967, centres on a Palestinian couple who return to the war-torn city to search for their young son Farhan, whom they were forced to abandon when fleeing Zionist acts of terrorism in 1948. Saeed and Atefeh's own house has even been taken over by a Polish Jewish family, who, it transpires, are holding Farhan hostage. It is up to the couple, with the assistance of Farhan's steely grandmother, to find a way to reclaim their lost son. One of the few Iranian films to tackle the Palestinian issue from a historical perspective, this stunning piece of work from Seifollah Daad features meticulous attention to period detail and moving performances.

سال ۱۹۴۸، شهر حیفا در فلسطین در شرف اشغالی قرار دارد. دکتر « سعید» به همراه همسرش «لطیفه» و فرزند خردسالش «فرحان» که در این شهر زندگی می کنند به اجبار باید این شهر را ترک کنند، اما در این هنگام «صفیه» مادر «سعید» وارد حیفا می شود و...

In the year 1948, the city of Haifa in Palestine is about to get occupied. Doctor Saeid and his wife Latifeh and their little child Farhan, are forced to leave the town. Meanwhile, Saeid’s mother Safiyeh arrives in Haifa…