The scarecrow - Matarsak - مترسک


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The scarecrow - Matarsak - مترسک

The scarecrow - Matarsak - مترسک

Ismaeil is living with his son Ali and his daughter Sona. His wife passed away and his friends are insisting on him to get marry again. In school Ali's friend is complaining abut his step mother who beats him making Ali in deep fear of step mothers. Finally Ismaeil gets marry with Astar who is a teacher. Although she is very friendly and cares for the children Ali is resisting her and is aggressive with her. But little by little they get more close to each other.

اسماعیل همسرش را از دست میدهدو علی فرزندخردسال او نگران اینست که پدرش او و خواهرکوچکترش "سونا" راوادار به پذیرفتن نامادری میکند.این نگرانی بخاطر شواهد و شایعاتی است که از همکلاسش"اسد" در مورد ظلم های نامادرش شنیده و دیده است.بهمین لحاظ سعی میکند فقدان مادر را به هرنحوی شده جبران کندو حتی کارهای خانه را خود به عهده میگیرد.ولی سرانجام اهالی محله باعث ازدواج اسماعیل با زنی مهربان می شوند که کارش در پرورش کودکان مربی بوده است. علی به لحاظ ذهنیاتش به بدرفتاری بانامادری میپردازد ولی زن سعی میکند باتداوم مهربانی هایش تصور باطلی را که در ذهنش از نامادری وجود دارد، خارج سازد وزمانی که درمیابد از عهده اداره "علی " برنخواهد امد، قصد ترک خانواده را میکند ولی علی متدرجا" با راهنمایی های امزگارش به این نتیجه میرسد که همسر دوم پدرش، می تواند جای خالی مادرش را نزد او و سونا بگیرد. پس بسوی او میرود.

Ismail's wife dies and his son, Ali, is worried about the fact that he and his sister, Sona, are going to have a stepmother. He is concerned because he has heard stories of oppression and cruelty from his classmate, Assad, about his own stepmother. In this regard, he tries to do all the house work and compensate her mother's void. But ultimately, the residents of the neighborhood make Ismail marry a kind woman who has been working as a babysitter. Ali starts misbehaving the stepmother, but the woman tries to remove the false image of a stepmother from his mind and treats him kindly. After some time, the woman intends to leave the family as she believes that she can no longer deal with Ali and his behavior. But with the help of Ali's teacher, he gradually comes to the conclusion that her father's second wife can fill her mother's void for him and his sister so he goes to her.


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