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The Path Taken - Rahe Tey Shodeh - راه طی‌ شده

The Path Taken - Rahe Tey Shodeh - راه طی‌ شده

The Path Taken - Rahe Tey Shodeh - راه طی‌ شده
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When delegates of the French Avignon Festival travel to Iran to film a documentary about the traditional cultural play 'Ta'ziyeh', what at first seems to be a smooth operation quickly goes to pieces. Representative Ahmad finds himself in a quandary when the play's star, the headstrong Hajei, refuses to cooperate. Things complicate further when the play’s staff consider travelling to Europe to find a replacement for Hajei. It soon transpires, however, that his unique passion for the play does not make this an easy task. This contemplative film examines and questions how culture is treated by the film industry, and whether it should be more revered.

یك گروه فرانسوی به منظور انتخاب نمایش تعزیه برای جشنواره «اوینیون» و ساخت فیلم مستندی از مراحل آماده سازی و اجرای تعزیه به ایران می آیند. حضور این گروه موجب بروز ماجراهایی میان شبیه پوشان و شبیه گردانان تعزیه می شود، به گونه ای كه ...


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