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The Paternal House - Khaneye Pedari - خانه پدری


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The Paternal House - Khaneye Pedari - خانه پدری

The Paternal House - Khaneye Pedari - خانه پدری

A father murdering his daughter in an act of honor killing. With the complicity of his wife and son, he buries her corpse in the cellar. Family life continues, haunted by the shared knowledge of the murder across several generations.

فیلم سرگذشت خانواده‌ای در شش دهه را روایت می‌کند. زندگی محتشم از ۱۵ تا ۸۰ سالگی که در مرگ خواهر بزرگترش خود را مقصر می‌داند.

A father (Mehran Rajabi) along with his teenage son Mohtasham kills his young daughter and buries her in the house. The movie tells the story of the cruelty of the family throughout the years and different times toward girls and women which leads to one of the girls committing suicide, the death of the family’s mother and misfortune of another one of the girls. During all these years, the family members are aware of the burial place of the girl in the old building but keep their peace. In the end, after fifty years, the girl’s bones are found while the building is going to be collapsed