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The Last Battle - Akharin Nabard - آخرین نبرد

The Last Battle - Akharin Nabard - آخرین نبرد

The Last Battle - Akharin Nabard - آخرین نبرد

Naser, a soldier who fought at the frontline for several times, is now busy with shooting videos.. After the martyrdom of his brother-in-law, Ali, who has been his role model, he doesn't feel good about Jafar who wants to marry his sister and replace Ali. Haji, the mission commander in Iraqi territory, sends Naser as the cameraman with Jafar and Hadi, who has lost his family in Dezful. The goal of the mission is to find and destroy the location in which Iraq keeps its long range missiles with which it bombs Iranian cities. The plan is to find the location and send its coordinates to be bombed. Four of the soldiers approach the destination but are ambushed and surrounded by Iraqi forces who get help from counter-revolutionaries. Haji gets back to Iran's missile site and waits to get the coordinates. Hadigets killed by the enemy. and Jafarbecomes blind , but Naser, who has now changed his mind about Jafar after reading her sister's letter in which she says Jafar is someone who continues Ali's path, sends the coordinates to Haji with Jafar's instructions. With bombs fired from Iran's side, Iraq's missile site and other equipment burn to ground. Naser and Jafar get onboard the helicopter with Haji, and are saved.

ناصر که چند بار به جبهه رفته است کار تصویربرداری انجام می دهد. روزی قرار است به عملیاتی برای شناسایی و انهدام موشکهای عراق بروند. بعد از پیدا کردن محل موشک ها...