The Innocent - Ma'soom - معصوم


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The Innocent - Ma'soom - معصوم

The Innocent - Ma'soom - معصوم

Farid who has been fighting the Iraqi forces during the war, is injured and held captive by the enemy. After some years, he is released and goes to visit his fiancee Parvaneh but her family has changed their residence to an unknown location. With the help of his friend Farshad, Farid eventually succeeds to find their new address. One day in the morning, while sitting on a wheelchair, Farid goes to see Parvaneh but he faces some unexpected news. At her family's request, Parvaneh has engaged a man called Ashkan who is an orchestra conductor and they are now planning their wedding ceremony. After seeing Farid unexpectedly, Parvaneh is depressed and confused. She is suffering from a heart disease so she is hospitalized due to the stresses of this accident. The doctor believes that her heart must be transplanted immediately in order to survive. Farid who is upset about Parvaneh, has some troubles with his severe illness. After a while, he goes through a brain death, but in his will, he has already donated his heart to Parvaneh.

فرید معصومی به جنگ می رود ، شیمیایی شده و اسیر می شود. پروانه همسر فرید سالها انتظار می کشد و ولی خبری از او نمی شود و به گمان شهادت او تصمیم به ازدواج می گیرد. فرید پس از آزادی به سراغ پروانه می رود و پروانه با دیدن فرید دچار سكته قلبی می شود و ....


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