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The Hero - Ghahraman - قهرمان

The Hero - Ghahraman - قهرمان

The Hero - Ghahraman - قهرمان

Haj Mohsen is a former wrestling champion who also works as a wrestling coach in the Poulad club and loves training young wrestlers. Following his wife’s death, he falls into deep despair and loneliness and he can’t keep on doing his coaching which leads to the club to be closed soon.A guy named Jamal who was Mohsen’s competitor in the past is still holding a grudge towards him and he is also a wealthy broker. He suggests Mohsen trains his son Nasser but Mohsen refuses to do so. The Poulad club opens up again with the help of Salim, the janitor of the club and some other young fellow wrestlers. Jamal however does not want this to happen so he and his guys decide to start making troubles for the club. Jamal’s guys beat up Pejman. After Haj Mohsen finds out about this through Salim, he walks into the club and starts his training all over again. Jamal pays his guys to eliminate all his son's rivals., but they don't do so, and the day of the contest, Pejman defeats Nasser and wins the game.

حاج محسن، قهرمان سابق تیم کشتی و مدیر و مربی باشگاه پولاد، با شور و شوق به تعلیم کشتی گیران جوان مشغول است. همسر محسن فوت می کند و او بر اثر ضربه ی روحی دچار یأس و سرخوردگی می شود. او از کارش باز می ماند و ...