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The Hemlock - Shokaran - شوکران

The Hemlock - Shokaran - شوکران

The Hemlock - Shokaran - شوکران
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Mahmoud is a middle-class family man and business CEO who lives in the suburbs of modern Tehran. Though his wife Taraneh is dutiful and kind-hearted, she is about the only positive thing in his life: his factory is in severe financial straits and his business partner Khakpour has just been injured in a car accident. Visiting Khakpour in the hospital one day, Mahmoud crosses paths with beautiful female nurse Sima. Giving in to temptation, he agrees to a temporary marriage with her. Though Mahmoud is adamant he cannot see her once their license expires, Sima refuses to give him up so easily, and things come to a head when she reveals she is pregnant with his child. A thrilling moral tale about tradition, politics and the temptations of modern society.

مهندس خاکپور قرار است معاون وزیر شود ولی طی حادثه ای مصدوم و به بیمارستان منتقل می شود. دوست او مهندس محمود بصیرت از زنجان برای ملاقاتش به تهران می آید و با پرستار بیمارستان، سیما ریاحی، آشنا می شود.


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