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The First Letter - Abjad - ابجد


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The First Letter - Abjad - ابجد

The First Letter - Abjad - ابجد

Abolfazl Jalili's 'Abjad' took shape as he reviewed those adventurous years of his youth when he repeatedly took a stand for things he really wanted in life and found his feet as an artist. It is also the story of first love, which remains bittersweet and eternally vibrant in his heart.

It is the story of a young man from a religious family who is interested in art. His strict family believe that art is apart from the traditional format.

داستان زندگي نوجواني است كه در محيطي مذهبي به هنر علاقمند است، اما خانواده اش، هنر را در قالبي جداي قالب مرسوم مي بيند.