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The End of Dreams - Payane Royaha - پایان رویاها


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The End of Dreams - Payane Royaha - پایان رویاها

The End of Dreams - Payane Royaha - پایان رویاها

It tells the story of a little boy who lives with his family in a small village in the north of Iran. A horse comes to their home and he falls in love with it. However, due to a mistake he commits he faces some difficulties. At first he hides it from his family and his difficulties keep adding up…

Due to an imprudence, the youngest child of the family who live in the wood encounters a huge problem and the parents do whatever they can to save their child.

درباره زندگي يک خانواده جنگل نشين است. فرزند کوچک خانواده به خاطر يک بي احتياطي ناخواسته دچار مشکل بزرگي مي شود و پدر و مادر او نيز براي نجات کودک همه تلاششان را به کار مي بندند.


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