The Circle - Dayereh - دایره

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The Circle - Dayereh - دایره

The Circle - Dayereh - دایره

In a hospital waiting room a woman learns her daughter, Solmaz Gholami, has just given birth. The ultrasound test had prepared the family for a boy. The baby, it turns out, is a girl. The joy the mother anticipated turns to terror for she knows her son-in-law's family will abandon her daughter. The old woman flees as the in-laws arrive. On the crowded streets of Tehran - a place where women are not permitted to stay out on their own or smoke in public - two women are also on the run. Arezou and Nargess have just been granted temporary leave from prison but they have no plans to return. They manage to scrounge together enough money for the bus trip to Nargess' hometown, but she lacks proper identification, and the police are searching everyone at the station. Meanwhile, their friend Pari has just escaped from prison in order to have an abortion. Threatened with death by her brothers, she flees from her father's house and meets with a former inmate, Elham, who is now married to a doctor...

A young man takes his old and ailing father from the suburbs to a hospital. At the hospital, they meet a man called Mr. Sameri. The old father asks for alms and Sameri tells them that they can make easy money if they meet him tomorrow morning at 6 on the main street. The next morning they get in a truck which carries 'donors' to the laboratory. They don't know where they are going and why, and their questions are left unanswered. At the laboratory, the father discovers that they want to draw his blood and he protests, but his son let them draw his blood and Sameri gives him 20 tomans in return. Sameri wants him to work for him and bring 'donors' to the blood laboratory. Thus the son begins working for him. The father passes away and the son becomes more involved day by day and starts a new life.

پسر جوانی همراه با پدر پیر و بیمارش از خیابان های حاشیه شهر براه میافتند و به بیمارستانی می رسند، مقابل در بیمارستان با آقای سامری برخورد میکنند . پدر از او صدقه میخواهد ، سامری به پدر و پسر میگوید که اگر میخواهند به راحتی پولدار شوند فردا صبح ساعت ششں سرچہارراہ منتظر اوباشند. صبح روز بعد پدر و پسر سوار کامیونی می شوند که " دونر "ها را به آزمایشگاه میبرند . پدر و پسر هنوز نمیدانند برای چه و به کجا می روند و از پرسشهای خود نیز نتیجه نمی گیرند. در آزمایشگاه پدر متوجه می شود که می خواهند از او خون بگیرند و شدیدا" به این عمل اعتراض می کند ولی از پسرش خون گرفته می شود و "سامری" در مقابل ۲۰ تومان به او پول می دهد . سامری از پسر می خواهد برای او کار کند و برای آزمایشگاه خون گیری "دو نر" جمع آوری کند و بدین ترتیب پسر مشغول به کار می شود. پدر در این میان فوت می کند و پسر در این کار روز بروز بیشتر فعالیت می کند و زندگی تازه ای را آغاز می نماید.