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Broad Daylight - Rooze Roshan - روز روشن

Broad Daylight - Rooze Roshan - روز روشن

Kindergarten teacher Roshan finds herself in a quandary when she embarks on a quest to save the life of her student's father, who has been accused of unintentional homicide and faces the death penalty. There are witnesses to support him, however it soon becomes clear that they are afraid to comply because of the victim's powerful family's influence, and they are terrified of repercussions in their own lives. Roshan doggedly sticks to her goal in this tale of one woman against a corrupt judicial system. Winner of the Crystal Phoenix at the 31st Fajr Film Festival, this drama is not to be missed.

روشن یک دختر جوان ومعلم مهد کودک است که در شش ساعت با قیمانده به آخرین جلسه دادگاه پدر یکی از دانش آموزان خود (که به احتمال زیاد به قصاص محکوم می شود) سعی دارد عده ای از همکاران شغلی او را که شاهد صحنه درگیری قتل بوده اند، بعنوان شاهد به آخرین دادگاه او بیاورد...

The story is about a young woman who is looking for a witness to take to the court in order to save someone from execution.